Something that is not liked by David Beckham

Do you know what is the most hated David Beckham?

Actually always difficult to leave my family. Moreover, I have a daughter aged two weeks. Leaving the kids and my wife, it is very difficult.
- David Beckham

As quoted some time ago, Beckham admitted hate when He have to live far away with his wife, Victoria Beckham, and four of their children in a long time.

But, inevitably Beckham should do it. His career as a football player being required him to undergo professional match should he does with the team.

"It's always hard to leave my family. Leaving the children and my wife, it is very difficult. I can not wait to go back to guard and kiss them," he said. For two weeks, Beckham will miss the days without his family. He also claimed to be experiencing the longest days of the week.

David Beckham's like accompanying family

One of Reason why Beckham didn't like leave his Family is The Daughter, Harper Beckham

David Beckham and Women who he's love

David Beckham and Thiery Henry, Playing in MLS together with different Team

Beckham and His Happy Family

Robin Williams Loss of USD 6 million

Unfortunately the fate of Robin Williams, he felt the money as much as $ 6 million missing. This is due to his role in the film 'A Couple of Dick' which is now changed the title into 'Cop Out' was replaced by Bruce Willis.

Over this incident, Robin Williams sued the producer Gold Circle Films and litigate. This funny actor sued the producers of Gold Circle Films. He claims to have previously been recruited to star in the film 'A Couple of Dick' and entitled to the honorarium.

Since the company was acquired by Warner Bros., Gold Circle bosses throw their obligations.

In the movie A Couple of Dick 'which is now changed the title into' Cop Out ', displayed quality acting Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, with director Kevin Smith. This film tells the adventures of a stolen baseball card, and police rescued a woman who deals with gangsters money laundry.

Bruce Willis, The Substitute
Robin Williams, looked old with a bushy beard

Bruce Willis, always been exceptional in every appearance in the film

Robin Williams, when he gets an award

Robin Williams, distinctive style of laughter

Robin Williams, illustrated with a hilarious caricature

Harper Beckham No. 1


The fruit falls not far from the tree, It is revealed that a child will not differ from their parents. Yes, that's Beckham Seven Harper, daughter of celebrity couple David Beckham and Victoria Beckham. Harper was elected to the world famous celebrities under the age of 25 years of InStyle magazine released by occupying the number 1. He put aside other big names, like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Blake Lively, and Emma Stone.

"Chances are he (Harper) will be a pop star, designer, or even an athlete?" InStyle magazine.

Among other celebrity kids, fame Harper ahead of Zuma Rossdale (3) and his older brother, Kingston, son of rocker Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani. Suri Cruise (5) must be satisfied in fourth or one level below Kieron Williamson (9), known as "mini-Monet".

Meanwhile, celebrities, celebrity teens, such as Lourdes Leon (15), Justin Bieber (17), Saoirse Ronan (17), and Miley Cyrus (18) located respectively at positions 15, 18, 19 and 20. Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, finished 44th despite getting a new contract with Lancome and Burberry.

Controversial singer Lady Gaga (25) appears at number 99 followed by Mamma Mia star, Amanda Seyfried, who was in the order of the youngest.

Here's a list of hot artists InStyle

1. Harper Seven Beckham
2. Zuma Rossdale
3. Kingston Rossdale
4. Suri Cruise
5. Kieron Williamson
6. Jackie Evancho
7. Willow Smith
8. Jaden Smith
9. Ellie Fanning
10. Dakota Fanning

Harper Beckham in his mother's arms, Victoria

Harper and Beckham, the Father

Beckham has always embraced Harper during outside the home 

Justin Bieber, 18th InStyle position

Emma Watson, 44th InStyle position

Lady Gaga, 25th InStyle position

Robert Pattinson and Cambodian girls

Handsome actor Robert Pattinson recently doing social activities with raising funds to build a home for young girls in Cambodia.

Way, starring Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie is auctioning the latest Twilight Saga movie a day before the movie aired, and the ticket sales donated to the GO, which raised money to build a permanent home for PAGE.

PAGE is an organization that helps educate young girls in Cambodia run by the monks in Siem Reap Cambodia. PAGE which currently has 12 homes for girls with leased facilities and new facilities that accommodate 20 girls.

The auction will be hosted by Ewan McGregor in London Hotel, Los Angeles. Last year, Pattinson donate to charity the same, worth U.S. $ 80,000.

Robert Pattinson, handsome and generous

Robert Pattinson, Smoking Style

Robert Pattinson, With Black Blazer

Robert Pattinson, his name jumped after starring in the phenomenal movie 'Twilight'

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in 'Twilight'

Ronaldo's girlfriend Irina Shayk not wear a bra


Some time ago Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, Irina Shayk, is seen waiting for a taxi in the West Village, Manhattan, New York City.
Russian supermodel wearing a silver dress with no bra underneath, black jacket and tight pants, girls who are now more intimate with the Real Madrid star will be attending the premiere of the movie "Dirty Girl" at The Cinema Society & The Weinstein Company.

Silver shirt without buttons are tied with a red belt. Black boots bondage style switch with red high heels when she appeared to walk the red carpet.

Irina Shayk, she's very fascinating

Irina Shayk fun joking with Cristiano Ronaldo

Irina Shayk, Sexy

Irina Shayk seems graciously with Pink Dress
Irina Shayk and Cristiano Ronaldo, seemed in a hurry

Mariah Carey and Twins

Mariah Carey's Family

The couple Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon featuring twins, Monroe and Moroccan through the latest site, The site was created specially for her twins. Since the birth of their twins, the couple is keeping the baby twins and hide it from the media spotlight.
       But finally, they show off the baby for the firs t time in U.S. television show, 2020 on Friday (21/10) and now has launched a website so fans can know the development of Mariah, Nick and the two babies.
       A message was written in the website. "We were so long about how to express our first baby photos to the world. We just do not want to do ordinary things and display them in the tabloids. So, we shared a wonderful experience with you in a special intimate portrait of our family."

Mariah Carey and Husband

"The love we feel for our baby is everything because imi dream come true," she wrote again.
As known, the photos in online albums, seemed swimming with daughter Mariah Monroe.

Affection they show each time

Mariah, Nick and Their Childern

Mariah and Nick,when Married

Mariah and Nick walking together with their Dog

Beckham Love His Family


In the Beckham household, the family that determines all the decisions. Yes, all the decisions that Beckham gave to his wife, Victoria, and their four children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz Beckham and Harper. As if Beckham will be anchored from the LA Galaxy, he would consult his family first.

"Family is priority number one for me, family comes first and where they feel happy, there also I will stay, as simple as that," he said as quoted by The Sun.

This statement was followed by increasingly stronger estimates that Beckham will still survive in the United States. 36-year-old player is implying that he and his family will remain living in Los Angeles. Moreover, Harper, the only new-born daughter of David Beckham in July.

The name of Beckham's children, written in His shoes

"The children go to school in LA and this has been going on for five years. They are in an age where stability is important, so we'll see. I always said I would wait until the end of this season, seeing how my physical and I'll decide immediately, "he added.

Beckham with His Son

Since playing in LA, Beckham looks to spend more time with his three sons and accompany them to practice football. In one occasion to watch his eldest son play, Romeo Beckham and Cruz brought along. In between breaks, they even showed their pleasure to play ball.

David Beckham Family

David Beckham with Justin Bieber

David Beckham with Victoria Adam

David Beckham Pick Harper