Harper Beckham No. 1


The fruit falls not far from the tree, It is revealed that a child will not differ from their parents. Yes, that's Beckham Seven Harper, daughter of celebrity couple David Beckham and Victoria Beckham. Harper was elected to the world famous celebrities under the age of 25 years of InStyle magazine released by occupying the number 1. He put aside other big names, like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Blake Lively, and Emma Stone.

"Chances are he (Harper) will be a pop star, designer, or even an athlete?" InStyle magazine.

Among other celebrity kids, fame Harper ahead of Zuma Rossdale (3) and his older brother, Kingston, son of rocker Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani. Suri Cruise (5) must be satisfied in fourth or one level below Kieron Williamson (9), known as "mini-Monet".

Meanwhile, celebrities, celebrity teens, such as Lourdes Leon (15), Justin Bieber (17), Saoirse Ronan (17), and Miley Cyrus (18) located respectively at positions 15, 18, 19 and 20. Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, finished 44th despite getting a new contract with Lancome and Burberry.

Controversial singer Lady Gaga (25) appears at number 99 followed by Mamma Mia star, Amanda Seyfried, who was in the order of the youngest.

Here's a list of hot artists InStyle

1. Harper Seven Beckham
2. Zuma Rossdale
3. Kingston Rossdale
4. Suri Cruise
5. Kieron Williamson
6. Jackie Evancho
7. Willow Smith
8. Jaden Smith
9. Ellie Fanning
10. Dakota Fanning

Harper Beckham in his mother's arms, Victoria

Harper and Beckham, the Father

Beckham has always embraced Harper during outside the home 

Justin Bieber, 18th InStyle position

Emma Watson, 44th InStyle position

Lady Gaga, 25th InStyle position