Wow .. Kim Kardashian To Date with Jeremy Lin

Kim Kardashian did not stop making sense, this time basketball player Jeremy Lin who was an idol in the United States. Even the news, Kim Kardashian wants to date a player from the New York Knicks.

A source close to Kim revealed that 31-year-old woman fell in love with the appearance of Jeremy. He also intends to take Jeremy to dinner together.

"She thinks Jeremy is very sweet," said the source as reported by Showbiz Spy, some time ago.

According to the source, Kim had the chance. Incidentally Kim friends with Laura, the wife of Carmelo Anthony who is a teammate Jeremy.

"It seems like they would double date," said the source.

Kim Kardashian

Jeremy Lin

Cool, Paris Hilton collaboration with Snoop Dogg

Having previously reported that the new album will be themed party, Paris Hilton returned to announce that there will be a special collaboration between himself and the famous rapper, Snoop Dogg on the album. Tit for tat, Snoop Dogg did not object to the Paris bid.

"There are a lot of collaboration that is so cool in my new album. Album will be out in the coming months. I just finished singleku with LMFAO, now turn to the recording with Snoop Dogg," continued this controversial socialite.

In addition to working with LMFAO and Snoop Dogg, Paris on this album is also rumored to be assisted by other famous names such as DJ Afrojack, David Guetta and Lil Wayne. On his debut album, 2006, including the successful Paris after placing the album at No. 6 U.S. Billboard 200.

"I have a great passion for house music. It always makes me excited. I just can not focus on that, because I was too busy with the old reality show on television," said Paris some time ago.

Paris Hilton Beautiful

Paris Hilton Very Sexy

Paris Hilton Hot Sexy

Paris Hilton Cute

Alicia Silverstone a Lifestyle

Like most people, I wasn’t always a vegetarian, but I’ve always loved animals. If you ever have a chance to meet a cow, pig, turkey, or goat, you will see that they are just as cute and funny as your dogs and cats and that they, too, want to live and feel love.

They don’t like pain. Now when I see a steak, it makes me feel sad and sick because right away, I see my dog or the amazing cows I met at a sanctuary. I’ve been vegan for 10 years, and it’s the single-most important and helpful decision I have ever made. Physically, the effect has been amazing.

Once I went vegan, I lost the weight I wanted to lose, my nails were stronger, and my skin was glowing. I feel great, and I look better now than I did 11 years ago.

Being vegan truly is the secret to my life’s joy and peace. I feel physically and spiritually better than I could have ever imagined knowing that I am doing everything I can to reduce animal suffering with simple lifestyle choices like being vegan, never wearing any products made from animals (like wool and leather), and buying only from companies that NEVER test their products or ingredients on animals.

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone Sexy

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Taylor Swift get two Cup 2012 Grammy Awards

Singer Taylor Swift picked up the award at the Grammy Awards. Until this news was revealed, the owner of album 'Fearless' that has brought two trophies for the category of Country Song and Country Solo Performance.

In the event the winner announcement made ​​at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, Taylor looked beautiful shades of gold with a long dress. Sweet smile broke from her red lips.

"Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance. I like flying," said Taylor.

The singer was born December 13, 1989 it won two awards through the song 'Mean' is included in the album Speak Now. Thus, Taylor has won six Grammy Awards.

Meanwhile, The Civil Wars successfully won the Grammy for Best Country Duo / Group Performance through the song 'Barton Hollow'. He removed the competitors 'Do not You Wanna Stay' Jason Aldean With Kelly Clarkson, 'You And Tequila' Grace Potter Featuring Kenny Chesney, and "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not" Thompson Square.

Taylor Swift Grammy Awards 2012

Taylor Swift Grammy Awards 2012

Taylor Swift Grammy Awards 2012 Red Carpet

Singer Whitney Houston dies

Sad news came from the singing world lost one of his best man. Whitney Houston died at the age of 48 on Saturday (11.02.2012) the United States.

Shocking news was delivered by Whitney spokeswoman, Kristin Foster told The Associated Press. But he did not disclose the cause of death of Whitney.

During recent years, he reportedly fought against the habit of using illegal drugs. Singer of 'I Will Love You Alweays' it had entered rehab in mid-2011 then.

In 2009, in one shot, Whitney never reveal if he was addicted to cocaine. After starring in the film 'The Bodyguard' Whitney as one who lost control.

Whitney's first album in 1985 spawned the past, and sold over 25 million copies. Until now, he has made seven albums and three soundtrack songs.

A wide range of prestigious awards have been received Whitney. He won six Grammy Awards, 30 Billboard Awards, 22 American Music Awards and two Emmy Awards.

Whitney Houston

Ridiculous .. Zooey Deschanel Follow One Contest

Zooey Deschanel, actress and a beautiful singer from the United States, admitted to the beauty contest as a teenager.

Women who were born on January 17, 1980 said, the contest was participated by accident. Initially, Zooey thinks the contest is a talent search contest.

"It happened when I was 14 years of age. I am stuck in a beauty contest, fortunately with no session wearing swimsuit (swimwear)," he said as quoted by Contact Music, some time ago.

At that time, he continued, all contest participants must provide musical entertainment at the beginning of the event, then answer some questions relating to social matters.

"I was nervous and scared when I realized it was a beauty contest. I think the show is a talent search contest. You know? Beauty contest is not fun!" I was star of this TV series New Girl.

Although uncomfortable, Zooey decided to undergo the contest until the end. "I'm not typical of a quitter, I persevered," said peremuan who sent a greeting card from President Barack Obama on his birthday this past mid-month.

Unfortunately, he failed to win the contest. "A girl who is good to play the violin that had a crown of beauty contest. Mother and my sister laughed at me during the contest," he added.

Zooey Deschanel

Wow.. Katie Holmes Topless in Ad Watch

Actress Katie Holmes pretty brave to pose topless for ad creation of a world company H Stern jewelry. Katie was looking very sexy in the ad.

Movie stars 'Jack & Jill' was only using half-open black bra with beautiful beach background. With her ​​hair loose, hollow body that was Tom Cruise's wife looks very beautiful jewelry necklaces combined with.

Some other photos are also seen 33-year-old woman in the sand bergeliat using only a white bikini. Topless photos, as mengeaskan statement recently that he wanted to go deeper into the world model.

The world of modeling is quite new to her. Now he was ready to try something to perjalnan career.

"I feel ready for the next chapter in my career. I'm excited to start a new phase," he said as quoted Dailymail.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes