The Other Hand Lady Gaga - She more fun at home hanging out with family and watching old film

Could Lady Gaga is a figure that does not stand silent in the house? Apparently not, the singer who has the hallmark of this sloppy claim to be a homebody.

Of course not every time, but fitting the holidays. For example, the Christmas holidays to come. "When the holidays, I just want to gather with family. We usually eat and watch TV all day, especially old movies," says Gaga

A love of the old-old that was also transmitted to the selected song Lady Gaga for the latest minialbum will be digitally released on 26 November. Gaga will be singing a song titled Christmas White Christmas.

Irving Berlin's song popularized by Bing Crosby in 1942. However, the version of Lady Gaga, will be found additional lyrics. "It was a beautiful Christmas song, but too short. So, I decided to add," continued Gaga.

In addition to White Christmas, the album can be found another old song belongs to the legendary singer Nat King Cole, the Orange Coloured Sky. However, there are also two songs taken from the album the singer released 25 years earlier this year.