Justin Bieber and poor Snake (auctioned)

Justin Bieber and Pencils

Justin Bieber star auctioning pet, a snake, where the auction results will be used to donate to a foundation of education.

Pencils of Promise is an organization, which will receive the money from the auction. Pencils of Promise is a nonprofit organization that builds schools and improve educational opportunities in the developing world.

Reptile, named Johnson has an estimated value of U.S. $ 1,000. But the offer of U.S. $ 1,750 has been placed on the websites Charity Buzz. Auction will be closed on 29 November.

"I launched the Believe Charity Drive as I know, if you believe in your dreams, everything is possible," Bieber said as quoted by Contactmusic.

"Donate a little, for a dollar, or even donate your time, everything will make a difference," continued the lover is Selena Gomez.

In August, Bieber had brought Johnson to the MTV Video Music Awards.