Why should love an Justin Bieber?


Justin returned to the topic in the world. Justin dominated the top topic of the most talked about on twitter with hashtag # YouGottaBeKiddingIf. This time it is discussed why they liked Justin. Then if they really like Justin Bieber? No, it turns out they were just joking.

Justin Bieber, be First Topic

The trigger is the presence of tweeps who revealed that they like Justin because Justin Bieber singing like a girl 13 years old. In addition they also wonder why a lot of people say music that Justin has a 'REAL' and original. In fact, they should know that the teen singer does not have that quality. It also considers Justin Tweeps should stop deceiving yourself and learn from more experienced stars. It looks very rough.

Justin Bieber, the Show Must go on

Of course, criticizing the tone of the phrase makes the fans of Justin Bieber sultry. They wondered why so many people hate a kid trying to realize his dream. Fans of this war was inevitable and even speed up discussion # YouGottaBeKiddingIf to go up and occupy top positions on the topic of twitter some time ago. How do you think?

Justin Bieber on Wallpaper

Justin Bieber with Dragonfly Glasses

Justin Bieber Pose

Justin Bieber naked

Justin Bieber with his Father