Lindsay Lohan Naked = U.S. $ 1 Million

Again a beautiful artist Film Star 'Herbie: Fully Loaded', Lindsay Lohan makes a sensation. This time relates to sensuality. Lindsay previously involved with diamond jewelry theft case which led him into court and threatened with imprisonment for 18 months. Currently, Lindsay had to undergo the punishment of social work memberihkan morgue for 16 hours in two weeks.

Lindsay Lohan wanted to be paid U.S. $ 1 million for nude photos in Playboy magazine. Previously, Lindsay refused to pay U.S. $ 750,000.

as quoted by TMZ, Lindsay (25) initially declined the offer of U.S. $ 750,000 from Playboy boss Hugh Hefner to pose nude. Lindsay demanding figures in U.S. $ 1 million.

To be photographed naked, not the first time performed this satr movie Mean Girls. Earlier, in 2008, also photographed nude by photographer Bert Stern.

Lindsay admitted comfortable photographed naked. At that time he said "I do not have to think long when working with Bert Stern. It's really an honor, and when it will come again?"

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