Recently revealed that singer / actress Han Chae Won committed suicide, but no one expressed in the news until two months after the incident.

Han Chae Won

On October 8, a media outlet reveals that Han Chae Won committed suicide on August 25. Just before his death, he left a message through his mini homepage that is written, "I want to stop suffering, I want to stop crying." Many have assumed that the reason his death is the difficulty he experienced while doing the activity promotion as a celebrity.

Han Chae Won

Han Chae Won her first acting debut in 2002 with KBS drama, 'Solitude', and participated in the MBC sitcom 'Non-Stop 3', in 2003. She also debuted as a singer last year with 'MA! BOY '.

Han Chae Won

Netizens expressed their shock about the news of this sudden and mourning over Han Chae Won, who died at the age of 26 years. The news of this beautiful artist's death adds to the list of Korean artists who died from suicide.

Han Chae Won is Pretty

Han Chae Won, Heartbreaking Story

Han Chae Won ever Playing in Solitude KBS

Han Chae Won, Posing in the Bathtub

Han Chae Won, No Longer Cheerful

Han Chae Won with other Korean Artist