Justin Bieber - Ellen DeGeneres Show

Justin Bieber surprises everyone

Singer Justin Biber have lost 80 thousand of his followers because he cut hair. But now, even haircuts Bieber was valued USD 12 000 by loyal fans. Hair Auction singer of 'Baby' was originated from the Ellen DeGeneres Show. In that event, Bieber newly cut hair to be a guest star.

Bieber and gives hair that has been placed in a box was his signature. "That's my hair. I want to give it to someone else. But we'll do it with special. I want you to donate to whomever you want," he said. Ellen was then chimed in, "I will auction it off and give the money to The Gentle Barn." The Gentle Barn is a charity working to save animals being tortured.

 Bieber with short hair

 Bieber with early hair when his name became famous

 When Bieber performed with ellen

 Bieber in Ellen DeGeneres Show

 Bieber's the second time Ellen DeGeneres Show