Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez - Unusual relationship

Just a few days reportedly broke up, it turns out the relationship Selena Gomez Justin Bieber and connect again. This is seen as the two caught on camera making out at the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles, Sunday, August 7, 2011.
When it came to the event, both are coming on their own. But both seemed cordial when inside the building. Both were seen sitting side by side and holding hands. Even in some occasions, as reported by page popsugar.com, Justin looked several times kissed her lover's. From the photos there, seen Justin several times kissed and teased Selena before they called to the stage to receive awards or nominations read. 

 Selena Gomez
In this eventthis teen couple won several awardsJustin, for examplewon four awards for the categories of male singerscoolest guychirp on Twitterand its presence as a guest star in the serial CSJustin received an award of the sled of singer Sean Kingstonwho had just recovered from jet crash earlier this summer skyWhile Selena was originally known as the girl to Disney's award-winning television actress categorythe coolest girland the music group with his bandThe Scene.

 Bieber Charm

 The couple had reportedly separated because Selena did not like Justin's friendship with a troubled rapper like Lil Wayne. But the news was to be raw when they found not shy to show affection in that event. 

 Justin time walking together with Selena Gomez

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